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These short questions will help you understand your attitude towards investment risk. This is important because your attitude to risk is one of the main factors to consider when deciding how to invest your money.

Remember that the questions are intended as a guide only and we strongly recommend that you speak to a financial adviser before making any investment decisions. If you do not have an adviser, call us on 1300 880 588 and ask about the financial advice services you can access through the Aon Master Trust.

When do you plan to retire and draw on your superannuation savings?  
Short term (1 - 3 years) 5 points
Medium term (3 - 10 years) 10 points
Long term (more than 10 years) 15 points

If your investment were to decline in value by 20% over a 12-month period, what would you do?

Transfer the entire investment to more secure option 5 points
Transfer some (say half) of the investment to a more secure option 10 points
Nothing 15 points
Invest more to take advantage of lower prices 20 points
How would you best describe your investment experience?  
I am an experienced investor 15 points
I take an interest but I'm not really comfortable making investment decisions myself 10 points
I am not familiar with investment markets and have little interest in their workings 5 points
In which of these assets do you have the most money invested?  
International/Australian shares 20 points
Growth-style managed funds 15 points
Balanced-style managed funds 10 points
Cash management trust / bank account / term deposits 5 points
What would you do with $100,000 that had to be invested?  
Put it all in the share market or a similar higher risk investment 25 points
Put most in the share market and the rest in a more secure investment such as a term deposit 20 points
Invest in property (which includes paying off the mortgage) 15 points
Put most in a more secure investment and the rest in the share market or a similar higher risk investment 10 points
Put it all in the bank or a term deposit 5 points
Which one of the following best represents your investment expectations regarding the number of negative returns in any 20-year period?  
Lowest risk/ return      [less than 0.5] 5 points
Lower risk/return      [0.5 to less than 1] 10 points
Medium risk/ return       [2 to less than 3] 15 points
Higher risk/return      [3 to less than 4] 20 points
Highest risk/ return       [4 to less than 6] 25 points